Wholesaler Login and Registration

If you are interested in joining our retail family please fill out the application form below.

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Here are our retailer requirements:

TaylorBaby LLC will not allow any 3rd party sellers (Amazon, ebay, etc)

TaylorBaby LLC will strictly enforce MAP pricing $2.99-$3.99 SRP

Retailers are required to have a credit card on file and pay at “placement” of the order

Retailers are required to email a copy of their State Resale Tax Certificate

Minimum first order quantity is a 6 pack case of Travel packs.

Application Process:

1. Fill out our retailer application

2.  Send a copy of your State Resale Tax Certificate to Smile@NeatCheeks.com (email)

Once we receive your application and tax information, your retailer credentials will be reviewed.  If you qualify, a TaylorBaby LLC account for NeatCheeks will be activated and all of the purchase orders will be created through the website.  All applicants will get a response within 30 days.