TaylorBaby Announces New Face for Stevia Extract

Stevia extract has been most recently used in the US as a sweetener in foods and beverages.  It is a popular choice for food manufacturers because of its natural origin and interesting findings that suggest it may not impact glucose levels like sugar does.  TaylorBaby, LLC of Denver, CO has invented and patented technology that encompasses the use for this plant extract that is exciting to both Moms and their kids which could forever sweeten the world of wet wipes.

NeatCheeks is the newest brand of children’s face wipes which entered the market in early 2013.  These wipes are the first to utilize the TaylorBaby technology and are growing popular for their use of Stevia extract.  Children are enjoying the natural ingredient because it imparts a pleasant taste into the wipe.  Moreover, Stevia extract is also moisturizing and Moms are raving about how soothing they are.  This idea is deemed groundbreaking in the wet wipe industry for allowing wipes to now encompass three sensory experiences.

Until the launch of the NeatCheeks brand, wipes were both based in smell and feel.  Previously, wet wipe brands focused on how the product was scented and how your skin felt during and after use.  In light of this new innovation, Moms are beginning to think about how their traditional wipes TASTE, especially considering how often a wipe is used to sweep food off of their child’s mouth.  TaylorBaby has managed to innovate and create a new sensory experience for wet wipe brands.  NeatCheeks has benefited from this technology.  This brand has successfully revolutionized the way wipes are perceived by Moms and the kids using them.