TaylorBaby, LLC of Denver, creators and distributors of NeatCheeks products publically release their website and have announced the soft launch of their naturally flavored face wipes and spray applicator.

Founded in 2011, TaylorBaby, LLC is an innovative children’s product development company designed to help parents resolve challenging issues by providing them creative and unique alternatives to products they use every day.

The NeatCheeks brand is their highly anticipated flagship product line. These face wipes differentiate from others by providing Moms and kids with a wipe that is both mosturizing and has a pleasant  taste. These naturally flavored wipes are designed specifically for childen’s sensitive skin and also offers a sweet taste when wiped across a child’s mouth.  The goal is to eliminate any discomfort as a parent wipes their child’s face, beit due to facial irritation or foul tasting residue typically left by other wipes, thus creating a happy clean up experience.  The NeatCheeks products have been dermatologist tested and are non-irritating.

The company is expected to begin product delivery in the fall 2013 and will be announcing retail partnerships in the months ahead.

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