Lil Madison Reviews NeatCheeks: Straight From the Mouths of Babes

Growing up Madison is a special blog written from the perspective of Madison as she grows up through toddlerhood!  She reviewed NeatCheeks and had nothing but great things to say about our sweet stevia flavored wipes!  She has very sensitive skin and really liked how moisturizing NeatCheeks were.  Her review is a must-read! Read the… Read more »

Dr. Didi Gives her Stamp of Approval on NeatCheeks

Reproductive and maternal health advocate, Dr. Didi of Atlanta, Georgia hosts a popular mom blog: Healthy Mommy Happy Baby.  She has been featured in Essence Magazine,,, and on the Tom Joyner Morning Show.  She recently reviewed our NEW NeatCheeks samples and loved the natural ingredients!  Check out what she had to say in… Read more »

The Popular BLOG The Simple Moms Reviews NeatCheeks

The popular team of mom bloggers at The Simple Moms review NeatCheeks.  You cannot pass up these adorable baby-food covered smiley face pictures and the response to using our sweet stevia flavored face wipes! Read the Review HERE

The Baby Spot Online Magazine Features NeatCheeks

The fresh online periodical,, featured NeatCheeks in a product review and hosted a giveaway to their savvy mommy subscribers!  Check out what they had to say about NeatCheeks! Read the Review HERE  

TaylorBaby Announces New Face for Stevia Extract

Stevia extract has been most recently used in the US as a sweetener in foods and beverages.  It is a popular choice for food manufacturers because of its natural origin and interesting findings that suggest it may not impact glucose levels like sugar does.  TaylorBaby, LLC of Denver, CO has invented and patented technology that encompasses the… Read more »