A Love Letter to myself as a New Mom

Dear myself as a New Mom, Way to go! You made it! 9 months of nausea, swollen feet, back aches, sleepless nights, weird food cravings, a million trips to the bathroom, severe heartburn, 18 hours of intense labor and now you’re a mom. Don’t panic! You got this. I’m here to tell you, you’re going… Read more »

Make SuperBowl 50 Extra Sweet!

NeatCheeks are the perfect Superbowl 50 party necessity to clean-up those messy faces and fingers! Top Ten Messy Kid Foods at Superbowl Parties: 1. Doritos 2. Nacho Cheese 3. Pizza 4. Wings with sauce 5. Ranch dressing 6. Chili 7. BBQ weenies 8. Mac ‘n’ Cheese 9. Hot dogs 10. Cupcakes Now parents can sit… Read more »

Now Available at Babies ‘R’ Us

It’s been a long journey but I couldn’t be more excited to announce that NeatCheeks is now in Babies ‘R’ Us/Toys ‘R’ Us nationwide!¬†Find a location near you. After Shark Tank aired in April, our business has been introduced to some amazing opportunities and it is surreal to see my product in a nationally recognized… Read more »