Meet The NeatCheeks Team

Danielle Klann, Founder & CEO

Danielle is a mother of 3, former corporate sales district manager and the “neat” innovator behind NeatCheeks. While out to lunch one day, she asked for a napkin to be dipped in a glass of water, so she could clean off her daughter’s face. To her surprise, the normal fuss turned into fun as her daughter smiled and said, “nummy, nummy!” For the first time face wiping was FUN, and her and her kids laughed a lot!. WHY? It’s was LEMONADE in the cup, not water. Call it fate, call it lucky, this neat mama knew she had just solved an age old problem of “face wipe avoidance.”

Hobbies: Thinking big, innovation, helping others follow their dreams, reading, hiking, and creating products that are FUN!
Life Quote: “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”-Walt Disney
Neat Fact about Danielle: She attended Sea Camp in the Florida Keys in 5th grade and swam in the “shark pit.” Little did she know she’d swim again with sharks years later on ABC’s Shark Tank.


Danielle Ryckman, Sales Manager

Danielle is a mother of 1 and NeatCheek’s sales guru. Danielle has over a decade of sales experience and loves building relationships with small retailers. She worked in various industries and her ability to connect with others is why Danielle is a rock star at sales. She loves all things natural in the product world and prides herself on putting her health as well as her family’s as a top priority in life!

Hobbies: Dining out, vacationing back home in Florida at the beach and yoga.
Life Quote: “Whatever satisfies the soul is truth.”
Neat Fact about Danielle: She is an alum of Kappa Delta from the University of Central Florida.


Alleigh Gillette, Graphic Designer

Alleigh is a mom to 1 amazing fur-baby, Shmack! Alleigh is our in-house graphic designer and a student at the Art Institute of Colorado and majoring in Graphic Design. A Colorado native, Alleigh’s artistic career began in the second grade with stories and drawings inspired by dragons and horses. Her creativity and free-hand drawing talent has placed among some of the top designers in Colorado.

Hobbies: Snowboarding, horseback riding and running with her pup Shmack!
Life Quote: “You got this!”
Neat Fact about Alleigh: She is a huge fan of pirate escapades and nautical culture. Her room is designed and inspired by her love for the mystical world.