A Love Letter to myself as a New Mom

Dear myself as a New Mom,

Way to go! You made it! 9 months of nausea, swollen feet, back aches, sleepless nights, weird food cravings, a million trips to the bathroom, severe heartburn, 18 hours of intense labor and now you’re a mom. Don’t panic! You got this. I’m here to tell you, you’re going to do GREAT! Just remember these few things…

  1. 1. Babies don’t break! It’s OK to let others hold them, to put them down for a minute and to not feel like you’re carrying a crystal bowl from Tiffany’s all day.
  2. 2. Sleep when they sleep! It’s OK to take a nap. They will be just fine. There is no need to watch their every breath (although it’s amazing to watch them sleep) and end up a zombie who doesn’t even know what day it is or when they last showered! Nobody wants a “MOMBIE.”
  3. 3. That’s where #3 comes in! TAKE A SHOWER!! Give yourself even ten minutes to hop in the shower, wash your hair, let the warm water hit your face, SHAVE. YOUR. LEGS. (your hubby/partner will thank you!)
  4. 4. Leave the house without baby! Don’t feel guilty to have grandma or friend watch baby for an hour. Go grab a Starbucks and walk the aisles of Target. You will feel like a NEW WOMAN!
  5. 5. CRY! You heard me, cry it out. It’s ok! It really is! Don’t feel like you have to keep it all together. You just HAD A BABY!! You’re new to this. CRY and cry hard!
  6. 6. Stay off of social media! No one cares that baby had a big poop or spit up on daddy. Let your friends who really care pick up that phone and come over to see baby! And please, don’t compare yourself to other moms, NO ONE ON EARTH usually has a supermodel body 3 days after baby…(except maybe Giselle.)
  7. 7. Don’t be hard on yourself! It’s really OK to make mistakes. As long as the baby is fed, changed, sleeps and is taken care of, mistakes happen. And really, they aren’t even mistakes. You’re a new mom!
  8. 8. Germs exist! Yes, I said it. Germs exist and as much as you try to anti-bacterial the entire house, your entire body, everyone else’s body who comes in contact with baby, germs will exist. They will be OK if dog licks their face or if the neighbor wants to come by to hold them. THEY WILL SURVIVE!
  9. 9. It’s OK to not be like your friends! No, really it is. You don’t have to do what they are doing. Do what’s right for you and your baby. Not everyone is going to co-sleep, make organic baby food, ‘pinterest’ every moment in a book, do mom & baby yoga and spend thousands of dollars on the latest baby gear. JUST BE YOU!
  10. 10. Laugh at yourself! Yes, laugh! You’re a new mom and you’re not always going to get it right but you’re doing the BEST you can and laughing is good for the soul. Laugh ok, even just once!

With love,
Your older self, now a MOTHER OF 3

  1. P.S. Take in every moment, good and bad…it goes by fast as they all will tell you…and really it does!